Guarantor's services

Surety is a modern way of ensuring the fulfillment of obligations under state and municipal contracts, a guarantee that the debtor fulfills the terms of the contract or obligations to the creditor. A surety arises only after the execution of a special document - a surety agreement. A surety and a bank guarantee are different financial instruments, but they are both good as a way to ensure the fulfillment of obligations. We also provide a loan guarantee service. Essential terms of the guarantee agreement:

the surety service is provided without collateral (collateral); check the term of the surety with our specialists; agreement with the customer within 1 day; scanned version of signed documents within 1-2 hours; the cost of the surety is from 1.5% to 0.4%; the minimum cost of the surety is 15,000 rubles; payment after agreement with the customer; transfer it is always made on the Guarantor.

For your convenience, we initially provide all documentation in scanned form, and later on paper.

This procedure helps to significantly save your time and simplifies the moment of signing and approving the contract.

Our managers will independently coordinate the form of the contract, the documents of the Guarantor and the necessary requirements with the Customer, you only need to fill out an Application and provide us with the necessary list of documents in electronic form!

Documents required for obtaining a guarantee

protocol; auction documentation; information card; application.

All documents are sent electronically.

What documents do you receive?

certified copies of the guarantor's annual balance sheet in Form 1 for the last two reporting dates; certified copies of "Profit and loss statements in Form 2" for the last two reporting dates; certified copies of appendices No. 5 to the balance sheets for the last two reporting dates; certified copy of the "Decision on the appointment of an individual persons for the position of the head of the guarantor; a certified copy of the Guarantor's Charter; a certificate of establishment and registration of a legal entity; a guarantee agreement (if necessary, in the form provided by the Customer) with the signature and seal of the guarantor in triplicate.

A sample contract can be obtained from our managers.

All documents are provided in stitched form, certified by the seal of the guarantor.

Advantages of working with LLC "NAME" the most favorable conditions for providing guarantees; extensive experience working with Customers; the ability to choose a Guarantor company; guarantors throughout the country (shortening the delivery time of documents); free delivery of documents; a system of discounts for regular customers; payment for services is made only after they are performed; for permanent customers can get a loan to fulfill the contract. Types of suretyship Suretyship limited by the term - when the term of the suretyship only determines the period of time in which the lender can claim the loan. Looking for the best promo code casino offers? Check out our extensive collection of promotions and bonuses to maximize your gaming experience at various online casinos!