Italian Ricotta Cheesecake

This wonderful delicacy, which is very often served with coffee, turns out to be very tasty and quite tender, and it is prepared very simply. It is recommended to prepare an additional special apricot sauce with cognac and saffron for Italian cheesecake.

So, to make a cheesecake with ricotta in Italian, you will need a set of such food products as:

- fine brown sugar (110 g);

- large raw chicken egg (one piece);

- high-grade wheat flour (320 g);

- unsalted butter (230 g).

In addition, it is necessary to prepare the most delicate cream for Italian cheesecake with ricotta, and for this you will need a set of such food products as:

- fat cream (85 ml);

- raw large chicken eggs (three pieces);

- any cream cheese, for example, "Philadelphia" (360 g);

- sugar sand (65 g + 55 g);

- powdered sugar for sprinkling (at your discretion);

- fresh ricotta (670 g);

- vanilla extract (one teaspoon);

- finely ground almond flour, slightly fried (85 g);

- candied citrus fruits (86 g);

- dark raisins, pre-soaked in rum or good cognac (110 g).

First, for the Italian cheesecake, you need to prepare the dough, and for this, the softened butter should be ground with granulated sugar, as soon as the mixture looks like a large number of crumbs, you can add a raw chicken egg and continue the grinding process. It is necessary to carry out this process until the chicken egg is completely absorbed into the sand crumbs. Only after that, you can add wheat flour, then knead the dough and wrap it in plastic wrap, send it to the refrigerator for forty minutes.

After the prescribed time, roll out most of the dough on the table, on the table, which must first be sprinkled with wheat flour, then it is necessary to cut out a circle from this rolled layer, which must coincide with the diameter of the split mold.

Put the tracing paper on the bottom of the mold and put the dough inside, bake it in the oven at 180 degrees for twelve minutes, then cool the prepared cake, which will become the basis of the future cheesecake.

Now it is necessary to roll out the remains of the dough, then cut them into such strips, the width of which should be equal to the height of the sides. Next, the rolled strips are glued along the sides of the split form, moreover, the lower edge of these blanks should be connected with fingers with the previously baked cake in such a way that there is no lumen. In the end, the dough should turn out to be a solid "shape".

It remains only to prepare a gentle cream of granulated sugar (65 g) and a chicken egg, beat these components into a strong foam, then set aside for a while.

After that, install a frame attachment in the mixer, beat cream cheese warmed to room temperature with the remaining granulated sugar in another bowl with this device at low speed.

Add ricotta cheese and continue the whipping process until completely homogeneous, add lightly fried almond flour and cream, pour in the egg mixture gradually, continue the whipping process. As soon as the mass becomes homogeneous, you can add the remaining components, mix everything thoroughly with a spoon.

Pour the delicate cream into the mold, bake the cheesecake in the oven for one hour at 180 degrees.

As soon as the Italian cheesecake is completely cooked, sprinkle it with powdered sugar and serve it chilled or warm to the table. A lot of professional krakow escourts are waiting to accompany you