What to expect from Manchester United in the transfer market

Perhaps it would not be a strong exaggeration to say that in recent years Manchester United has slipped into a secondary role in the English Premier League. If earlier the team, led by the legendary Alex Ferguson, invariably fought for the championship and in most cases became the winner of this difficult race, now the Premier League gold goes to noisy neighbors from the city, sworn rivals from Liverpool, or the capital's rich from Chelsea, but not Manchester United .

Who will come?

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Manchester United seems to have begun to pave the way to future triumph with the long-awaited transfer of Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund. What has been talked about for the past few years has finally come true, a young Englishman who has become a real football star in the Bundesliga is returning mostbet-az.info to his homeland. His transfer will cost United 85 million euros, although the contract also spells out additional bonuses that will be able to bring Borussia another 10 million. So far, the transfer of Jadon Sancho is the most expensive among all that have already been confirmed in the current transfer window. However, it is hardly worth expecting too much from a 21-year-old player, albeit an unusually talented one. Sancho will first have to adapt to the new team, then get used to playing in the English Premier League, where he never got a chance to play from Manchester City. If the United bosses understand this, then we should expect some more steps from the Mancunians to increase the attack right here and now.

What to expect from Manchester United in the transfer market

It would be most logical to talk about an experienced attack player. Such as Edinson Cavani, who came last fall and immediately proved that he was able to produce results. Therefore, gossip does not subside that Manchester United does not leave hopes to return Cristiano Ronaldo to Old Trafford, who was frankly bored in Juventus. This deal would not only be an incredibly beautiful story of the return of the Portuguese to where his ascent to the football Olympus actually began, but would also help the Red Devils in purely psychological terms, a person with a mentality of a winner would come to the team, from whom many others could adopt this an invisible element of strength.


On the other hand, the transfer of Ronaldo is very problematic for a number of factors, and therefore, according to rumors, United are eyeing another Juventus attack player - Paulo Dybale. It was even rumored that the Argentine could be part of a deal to return French midfielder Paul Pogba to Italy, who is constantly facing various problems in Foggy Albion. No less important position, which necessarily requires strengthening in Manchester United, is the central axis of defense. Here, according to rumors, the Mancunians have already received permission from the bosses of Real Madrid to conduct preliminary negotiations with Rafael Varane. The Red Devils are ready to fork out about £50m to transfer the French defender, but if this is not enough, then the English are not averse to including some of the players they do not need in the deal. Slightly less problematic, but still in need of strengthening, is the central midfield zone, especially if Paul Pogba does leave Old Trafford this summer. Here United's bosses seem to have a preference for buying Declan Rice from West Ham, who Solskjaer likes a lot and it must be said that this deal looks promising for the Red Devils. However, Wolverhampton Wolverhampton's Ruben Neves and Leipzig's Marcel Sabitzer are also good substitutes.